Autoservis Split has over 10 years experience and is one of the most popular car repair shops in Dalmatian area. We service all makes and models and take pride in every repair.

When it comes to repairing or doing checkups on your car’s, all our team combined has almost a century of practical experience. We aim to make our service as reasonably priced as possible. That’s why we cut on all unessential business expenses.

Why choose us

  • EXPRESS repairs;
  • FREE Shuttle Service;
  • Collision repair;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Pick Up and Delivery;
  • Vehicle diagnostics;
  • Paint scratch repair;
  • Glass replacement;
  • Tire installation;
  • Valet parking service;
  • Wheel alignement;
  • Brake repair.
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years of

Our services

We employ computerized processes in all body repairs to provide the quality control that you, the customer, expect.

We are meet all manufacturers’ standards and quality controls in providing you with a reliable car diagnosis.

At our office everything is handled on the spot. It’s a good way to avoid the tire-change rush at garages in fall.

We change the freon in your air conditioning system, taking care of the ecological disposal of the used freon.

Our auto body painting teams are fully qualified to handle any car paint job job, big or small.

We offer a valet service to include pick-up and delivery of your vehicle. This service is offered at select locations.

We specialize in body work are equipped with the most advanced machinery and employ only the best trained craftsmen.

Wee also has the expertise required to install all glass parts. And you can count on results, as with all our work.

Correct wheel alignment ensures optimum maneuverability and better control on the road.

Our Team

Robert Grigorovich


Albert Einstein

Body Master

Lev Landau


Our special offers

Use our special offers to diagnose your car and get high-quality repair in case if your car needs it.

Contact us for advice

If your car is still runing, please visit us 8-16h at our location 
Address Strožanačka cesta 1, Podstrana,
located on main road along the coast south from Split.

If your car cannot drive, call us to pick up at your location: 00385 98 177 0623

Or feel free to contact us if you have any questions according to our services and prices through our contact form.